1 June: We fast for just transition to a renewable energy future

June is a vitally important month for the climate movement as we reach the midpoint of the year. Thus we want to dedicate this fasting day to calling for a phase out of fossil fuels and a just transition to renewable energy to ensure the world does not experience catastrophic climate change. We fast call for a just transition to a zero fossil fuel world by 2050.

We are not alone in this call. In reaction to a slew of international climate-related events this month, including UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference and the G7 Meeting, thousands of people around the world will take to the streets in hundreds of different actions to call for fossil phase out. Greenpeace and many other groups have put a call out to for people to host a #PowerNap to #GetUpAnd act on dirty energy.  Check out the website of mobilisations to register or view an action, or the timeline for more.

We hope you can join us today and the rest of the month in supporting this call – a sample tweet could be:

What does #climate leadership look like, #G7? How about a commitment to #Go100RE and stop investments in dirty energy overseas?

Govnts heading to UN climate negotiations have opportunity to accelerate shift to 100%RE, unlocking more jobs & better public health #Paris2015

This month will also mark the release of what is coming to be known as the Papal Eco-Encyclical.  An Encyclical is the name typically given to a letter written by a Pope to a particular audience of Bishops on an issue of great importance for all humanity, not just Catholics. The Pope, who has spoken out several times on the need for fair and just actions to protect our environment, is becoming a great climate champion, and thus we will work to spread the messages of his Eco-Encyclical this month which we believe will strengthen the momentum of climate action demands until Paris. Please do keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we will be producing media and social media content, as well as encouraging you to hold events to mark this release in your own communities.