BREAKING: France’s faith leaders fast for the climate

Today, 1 July 2015, six of France’s key faith leaders fast for the climate. They represent the Buddhist, Protestant, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish and Orthodox faiths across France.

As they fast, they are meeting with France’s president, Francios Hollande at the Elysée Palace and delivering a declaration to him, calling for the crucial Paris talks this year to be a place that enables real climate justice.

Having lost sight of its relationship with nature and its intimate relationship with all that goes to make it up, humanity has lost its way through its lethal domination and exploitation of the environment. We are challenged to rethink the way we live out our relationship with creation and the environment.

We are one. By destroying the environment, humanity is destroying itself. By protecting the environment we protect ourselves, we protect our neighbour and we protect the generations to come.

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