BREAKING: The Lutheran World Federation divests from fossil fuels!

Today, the Lutheran World Federation‘s governing Council has voted to stop investing in fossil fuels. This decision applies to both current and future investments. The Lutheran World Federation has called on its member churches across 98 countries “not to invest in fossil fuels and to support energy efficiency and renewable energy companies”. The Council also urges all Lutheran churches to encourage their combined congregation of 72 million people to do the same.

“Through this decision, we seek coherence and wish to send a strong moral signal that the world needs to operate a transformational change towards a low-carbon economy, phasing out fossil fuels and phasing in renewable energies by the middle of this century”

The Lutheran World Federation has been a partner in the Fast for the Climate campaign since its inception. We welcome this decision, and congratulate all those involved.


Reverend Fletcher Harper of Greenfaith International and Fast for the Climate partner OurVoices has also saluted the Lutheran World Federation’s decision:

“For decades, LWF has empowered the world’s most vulnerable communities to fight poverty and to work for better lives. In recent years, they’ve seen that climate change, and its droughts, heat, and destructive weather cycles, erases the progress made. They’ve decided that it’s not right to profit from the industry that’s behind climate change, and we salute that choice.”

Dozens of other churches and faith movements have also divested from fossil fuels, removing their stocks, bonds and other investments from dirty investments and reinvesting them in clean, renewable industries.

“As a Lutheran Communion, we understand climate change as an issue of justice, peace, care for creation and protection for all peoples everywhere. We raise a special concern for the most vulnerable, in particular the poor, the indigenous people, and the voiceless.”