Fast and Feast for the Climate on 1 December

We fast & feast together to call for climate justice and to celebrate our unity and the solutions for a better future

December’s Paris summit is our moment

The climate talks in Paris are a chance for our governments to join the transition to a safe climate future for our one human family.

But before our governments will act, we must show leadership

The global climate negotiations are making real progress, but our leaders haven’t reached a deal yet.

And new, horrifying pressures are on Paris. Just when we are called to unite as one human family, political and religious extremists have attacked the city, hoping to drive a wedge between faiths and peoples.

We must not let this divide us. People of all faiths and none must stand together. Now, more than ever, we must call on the leaders of all states to join as one human family to face the climate crisis. Unity is not an option, but a necessity – for the environment, and for our selves.

The upcoming Paris summit is, as much as anything else, a peace summit. In the face of horror, we must show love.

We fast for the climate together as one human family

To show our unity and our solidarity not just with climate vulnerable peoples, but all people at risk of violence and horror, we will join together all across France and the world and fast for one day, beginning on the evening of the first day of the climate talks – 30 November 2015.


Now, as the world stands in solidarity with France, we implore you to join us. We are a global movement, and since Yeb Saño’s historic fast during the Warsaw talks in 2013, we have grown and grown. Fast with us for 24 hours from the evening of 30 November, skipping breakfast and lunch on 1 December. As Heads of States meet in Paris, our united fast as one human family can give political momentum to the negotiations. We fast to show our hunger for action by our governments – and our will to act ourselves

Then, with our families, friends, and communities – we feast in celebration and in hope!

Especially now, after the horrifying events in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad, we need to show this unity and this strength. In the face of terror, we must celebrate hope – and joy.

Join us, and celebrate our unity as one human family – for it is your hope, love and joy that is the seed of a better world to come. Gather together to break your fast by sharing a sustainable meal with friends and family (or even with strangers!). Your meal can be vegetarian, locally grown, or seasonal – or all three!

Make sure that our world leaders know that the people are already standing together and leading the way to a safe, just, renewable future. (After you eat, we encourage you to step outside and light a solar light or a candle and hold a moment of silence for all the victims of extremist violence and climate disaster, and to share a prayer for unity.)

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Look at the map to find one taking place near you. As more Feasts are organised we’ll add them to the map.

If you’re organising a Feast in your town or city and would like it featured on this map, drop us an email at:

Organising a Fast and Feast at home

Even if there isn’t a Feast near you, you can still take part at home by organising your own pop-up Feast with friends and family with these easy steps!!

1. Decide a time for your Feast on the 1st invite other people as soon as possible, so it’s in their diaries.

2. Gather the things you need in advance – sustainable recipes, local or vegetarian ingredients, and candles or solar lanterns, and have a think: What climate solutions and signs of unity do you want to celebrate?

3. Fast for one day – Fast from the night of 30 November (the start of the climate talks) through until the evening of 1 December.

4. Break your fast with a Feast! Eat a delicious, sustainable meal and share stories of unity between faiths and people’s climate leadership.

5. Share images and videos of your Fast and Feast using the hashtag #FastForTheClimate and tag @ourvoices2015 or @fastforclimate on Twitter if you’d like to us retweet your photos.


Why Paris?

It is a once in a decade opportunity to set the world on a course to a clean energy future, provide meaningful help to the world’s most climate vulnerable peoples, and unlock new opportunities for us as individuals to lead the charge to a zero carbon future.

No UN summit can change everything – but the Paris talks can give us the best chance we can have to enable sustainable development, halt disastrous climate change, and prove that people of all faiths and none can stand together as one human family.

The last time they tried, six years ago, the negotiations collapsed. We can’t let that happen again. Worse, there’s a chance that the Paris deal will lock us into a pathway to a three degree warmer world, or worse. The UN’s synthesis report, released on 30 October, considered the climate targets already submitted. It found them inadequate. Unless the Paris agreement includes a mechanism to ratchet up our targets before 2030, these weak targets will threaten our ecosystems and societies, in particular our most vulnerable people and communities.


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