Franciscan Action Network fasts for 10 days in Washington DC


Patrick Carolan of the Franciscan Action Network didn’t eat on 14 September  – or for the next ten days.

Normally, we #FastForTheClimate for one day each month. However, with the Pope scheduled to speak to the US Congress on 24 September 2015, the Franciscan Action Network and members of the Global Catholic Climate Movement decided to do a full, water-only fast for ten whole days, as a ‘spiritual method’ to raise awareness of climate justice.

Fast Opening

Fasting is a very spiritual method; I’m part of the Franciscan family and Franciscans back to the time of St. Francis have often done fasts. It’s a spiritual method to get the issue out there and raise awareness, and it’s a very prayerful message. – Patrick Carolan

Catholics were not the only fasters present. Each night, the fasters gathered in an interfaith service. Members of frontline communities in the face of climate disaster joined the fasters for several nights. On the first night, 18 activists from Beyond Extreme Energy joined them, mid-way through an 18-day hunger strike to protest extreme energy permits.


The fasters gathered with a tent in McPherson Square, a short walk from Congress. Though the fasters stayed in a nearby hotel at night, they kept the tent manned constantly.

Fasting Tent