Climate Fasters

Pierre Rabhi

Farmer, biologist, writer, poet. Supports the fast.

François Clavairoly

Co-President of the Council of Christian Churches in France

Rosslyn Noonan

Former NZ Human Rights Commissioner

Matthieu Ricard

Tibetan Buddhist Monk, author and photographer, cellular geneticist. Supports the fast.

Marc Stenger

Bishop of Troyes. President of Pax Christi France

Rabbi Gabriel Hagai

Orthodox Jewish Rabbi. Supports the fast.

Caroline Richter

LWF delegate to COP19 from Germany

Christine Campeau

Food Campaigner, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Emilie Parry

International Network of Engaged Buddhists

Father Frederick D’Souza

Executive Director, Caritas, India

Lutheran Communion

In Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

Matilda Mattsson

LWF Delegate to COP19 from Sweden

Mikka McCraken


Serafim Kykkotis

Orthodox Archbishop of Zimbabwe

Peter Prove

Director, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Piotrek Sztwiertnia

LWF Delegate to COP19 from Poland

Raquel Kleiber

LWF delegate to COP19 from Brazil

Erica Nemaia

Miss Nieu 2013

Joe Gunn

Citizens for Public Justice

Joy Kennedy

Canadian Council of Churches

Rita Bijons and Dewan S Afzal


Somboon Chungprampree

World Network of Engaged Buddhists


I #FastForTheClimate


I #FastForTheClimate

Ghaleb Bencheikh

Physicist, theologian, President of the World Conference of Religions for Peace.

Tareq Oubrou

Great Imam of Bordeaux

Lama Denys Teundroup Rinpoche

Founder and Superior of the Sangha Rimay, Spiritual Director of the Karma Ling Buddhist Centre

Gilles Boeuf

President of the French National Museum of Natural History

Cécile Renouard

Assumptionist nun, philosopher, professor at the Sèvres Centre of Social Ethics and at the Ecole des Mines of Paris

Dominique Gauzin-Müller

Sustainable Development-specialized architect, chief editor of EcologiK