Paris is over. It’s up to us now.

The Paris climate negotiations are over – but our fast for climate justice must continue.

One month ago, the world’s governments agreed to create a new, global climate agreement. In many ways, this was a huge step forward. In Kumi Naidoo’s words, the agreement turned the wheel of climate action, putting ‘the fossil fuel industry on the wrong side of history.‘ Many climate vulnerable peoples and nations have celebrated the deal.

But that is not the whole story. Yeb Saño accuses the Paris deal of failing the world’s poor, with rich polluters dodging responsibility:

“What we see is that the text will not avert the climate crisis. It will not even keep global warming within safe levels. It’s a text with a bunch of words which are just a combination of false promises, political compromises, and just a very weak indication the seriousness with which countries should be looking at this problem.”

The world’s most climate vulnerable people need more. Though the Paris deal was far better than what we expected, it was far worse than what we hoped for.

So it’s up to us now. Our governments did what little they did in Paris only after facing massive global public pressure – from people of all faiths, all continents, and all walks of life. Now, we need to show our hunger for more: for more ambition from all, for more support for climate vulnerable peoples, and for more real, meaningful compensation for loss and damage.

Our partners are already planning for 2016. This year, our movement needs to get bigger, louder, and stronger. Our friends at are already urging us all to stand together this May and break free from the dirty fossil fuel industries, and shut down some of the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects.

But climate leadership starts at the personal level too. Tomorrow, 11 January 2016, our partners in the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation urge people to eat without meat for just one day, recognising that animal agriculture is one of the biggest causes of climate catastrophe.