Will you #LightTheWay for the #GlobalGoals with us?


Tomorrow, we will #LightTheWay around the world!

Communities across the globe are busy preparing for an incredible day of action on climate change, poverty & inequality on Thursday 24th September. Vigils are being held everywhere – from Edinburgh to Nairobi – New York to New Delhi.

We have events planned all over the world. Will you join us?

Find an event near you.

A better future is possible and on Friday Pope Francis will be inside the UN making the case to world leaders. Our vigils will people power his speech, showing leaders that across borders and faiths we’re united by our desire for action that’s bold and generous.

Every light, every prayer, every person taking part makes us stronger. Our lights will show the way and if enough of us take part, our leaders will follow.

Even if there’s not a vigil being organised near you, you can still take part by organising a pop-up vigil at home, on your own or with friends and family by following five easy steps. If we can make social media overflow with images of our vigils we’ll be impossible to ignore!

  1. Decide a time
  2. Find a light (a candle, lantern, or torch)
  3. Turn on the light
  4. Take photos
  5. Tell everyone.

Share images and videos of your vigil using the hashtag #LightTheWay and tag@fastforclimate on Twitter if you’d like to us retweet your photos.

We won’t solve these problems overnight. But every vigil on Thursday brings us a little closer to a future that’s free from climate change, poverty and inequality. Our leaders need to see that their people want something different, common goals towards a better, more just future.