From Yeb: Will you join me on the road through Paris?

Since Warsaw where our fast began, some things have moved at an incredible speed, whilst others have not. Our global family of fasters has grown and grown and become a beautiful force, making the moral call for action on climate loud and clear.

However world leaders still move slowly, and there are still many, many people not yet engaged with the climate crisis. Next week, I would love to host a call where we can talk more about how we can engage even more people with just climate action.


This is why I’m writing to you now, three months before the crucial Paris climate talks. I want to invite you to join The People’s Pilgrimage – simple walks with a sacred purpose.

Click here to find out more about the Pilgrimage:

Around the world people of faith are setting out on pilgrimages, big and small, to visit places at the heart of the climate crisis. To places of hope and resistance, but also to places at risk or already suffering the consequences of a less stable planet.

Fast for the Climate is very special to me, and so I would love to tell you more about my journey this year, to Paris and even beyond. Join me at 1300 UK time (12 noon UTC time) on 10 September on Google Hangout here to learn more.

Join the call with Yeb at 12 noon UTC time on 10 September here:

You can find out what time our call is where you live here:


Our journeys, our stories, are the key to this crisis. Every step we take, every story we share, lifts up the human face of climate change. Bringing hope to those without it, or showing the reality to those that still doubt it.

We are walking with a clear message – we want a future that is safe from climate change, with 100% clean energy. Our world can be cleaner, safer, more prosperous, more just – but it will need all of us to unlock this potential.

Sign our petition for this better future, and then start planning your own pilgrimage.

I cannot wait to tell you more about my journey on the call, and learn about some of your ideas for yours. Yours could be an epic journey, or just a quiet stroll to a local park. What matters is that we’re raising our voices, moving our feet, and showing that climate matters to all of us, that it will affect us all, and to stop the crisis we need everyone.

Yours in hope,


PS: The more of us that join our movement – the harder we are to ignore. If you think any of you friends and family might share our desire for a better future, please share this post!